[Elsword EU/엘소드] Feita Dungeons Before Progression Revamp

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[Elsword EU/엘소드] Feita Dungeons Before Progression Revamp

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This is a casual playthrough of Feita village dungeons before the progression revamp. It's casual because I wanted to pretty much show what the dungeons had to offer before the progression revamp. I also decided to make a new Raven rather than playing with my main one since this way it feels more accurate.

Full playlist of dungeons prior to progression revamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EIXO...

Let me know if you want me to upload a full list of the dungeons after the revamp.

Thanks for watching!

00:00 Character gear
00:05 5-1: Shrine of Dedication Entrance
03:34 5-2: Spiral Corridor (Deleted)
06:42 5-3: Underground Chapel
10:19 5-4: Underground Garden (Deleted)
13:43 5-5: Heart of Spire (Deleted)
17:27 5-6: Altar of Dedication

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